Butterfly Honey Pepper Gin Fizz

Hello, dear reader! It’s Thirsty Thursday and boy do I have a tasty drink for you! There are many moving pieces to this drink, but it’s worth the work. The first thing you do is make the Honey Pepper Syrup; it’s found in this book: HONEY PEPPER SYRUP 1/2 cup boiling water 1/2 cup honeyContinue reading “Butterfly Honey Pepper Gin Fizz”

Dirty Titch Martini & Filthy Pickle Martini

I can’t even right now… Dear sweet reader, I hope you like gin, olives, and dill pickles as much as I do, because I have made the most delicious martinis I have ever had. I barely remember my first martini… the year was 2017, and I met my best friend and soul sister Joanne atContinue reading “Dirty Titch Martini & Filthy Pickle Martini”