The Dude’s Breakfast

“Hey, careful, man, there’s a beverage here!”

The Big Lebowski

Oh lovely reader… you’re going to be thrilled you came back!

When I met my Steve in 1999, I thought he was so funny. He was witty and sarcastic and he made me laugh every day. Then, about five years into our relationship, I realized that he had mostly been quoting the movie The Big Lebowski and I hadn’t been catching the references. I had never seen the movie, only bits of it, and Steve sought to remedy the situation.

In 2000, during one of my visits to see Steve in Fredericton, he decided it was high time I watched his most favourite movie. I think he was trying to figure out if I was worth his time; I mean, if I didn’t like his favourite movie, could I actually still be good wife material? So we went to the local Blockbuster and rented it. He was so excited for me to see it, thinking I would love it as much as he did. We had some snacks and drinks and sat down on his couch and he turned it on.

I fell asleep about 40 minutes into it.

Let’s be clear. I never fall asleep during movies. Ever. But this movie wasn’t really a comedy; it wasn’t really that funny. It was sarcastic and odd, and most of the jokes went over my head. The last scene I remember before falling asleep was someone’s baby toe with green nail polish on it. Zzzzzzz goodnight. I’m out. The next day, he asked me what I felt about it. Not knowing how to be coy, I told the truth and said the movie was stupid. Steve replied… get this…

“That’s just, like, your opinion, man.”

The Big Lebowski

Fast-forward to 2004. We were miraculously still dating. Better still, we were living together in Toronto, in a sweet loft on King Street West. There was a movie rental place just below us. Steve declared that’s it was high time I gave the movie another chance. So I agreed to rent it and give it a whirl.

Yeah. I hated it. Couldn’t get through it. Again.

Well, I must have had some other excellent qualities about me because this Dudeist married me. In 2006, we tied the knot. He still quoted The Big Lebowski with his friends, and I still didn’t get any of the references. And I wouldn’t get them for many, many years.

On July 22, 2015, Steve and I celebrated our 9th anniversary. He took me out for dinner to Spencer’s on the Waterfront in Burlington, Ontario.

Yummy anniversary dinner!

It was, and still is, a very lovely restaurant, with good food, great ambiance, and excellent drinks.

You have to eat raw fish and oysters on your anniversary, right?

I took a look at their menu and saw something that immediately jumped out at me… a drink called “The Dude’s Breakfast”! Oh. My. God. I got the reference immediately! The Dude loved White Russians and this was an homage to the movie… a White Russian topped with Froot Loops.

I had to get it.

The Dude’s Breakfast, Spencer’s 2015.
It was so tasty!! I had two of them. Mmm

Fast-forward to 2018; Steve and I had been together for almost 20 years. He said to me, “I think it’s time you watch The Big Lebowski the whole way through and actually give it a chance.” At that point, I felt like I’d already seen it since Steve quoted it so often and I knew all the references, just not context. So I agreed. He went downstairs to the basement and got our Blu-Ray, 20th anniversary-edition copy I had got him for his birthday that year. And we watched it. And, miracle of miracles, I didn’t fall asleep. I actually laughed and laughed. I even said some lines along with the characters! Steve was thrilled!

So the other day, I was out for lunch with my bestie Meghan at Jackson’s Landing in Burlington. Our server Todd was also our bartender and he made us the most amazing drinks. We were chatting and being friendly and I mentioned that I had started writing a little blog and I was going to write about food and drinks that I loved. I asked him if he had ever seen The Big Lebowski and he said he had. And I told him it was the first day of the High Holidays of Dudeism and National Kahlua day and that my next blog post would be about a drink I had had in 2015 called “The Dude’s Breakfast”. And he said that he used to work at a place that had a drink called “The Dude’s Breakfast”. And I said, “Is that Spencer’s?” And he said, “Yes!” And so I told him about how I’d been there and had the drink so long ago and he said he had worked there and had helped develop it with Craig, the sommelier. And we laughed and laughed.

Just wow!

So, to honour my husband Steve, a Dudeist since 1998, and Spencer’s on the Waterfront, the birthplace of “The Dude’s Breakfast”, here is the recipe for my most favourite version of the White Russian.

Ingredients are assembled.
Infuse the cream with the cereal for at least 6 hrs… 24-36 hrs is ideal. Give it a stir every few hours. Chuck the dead Froot Loops before assembling the drink.
The Dude abides. 🎳

The Dude’s Breakfast


  • 2 oz vodka
  • 1 oz Kahlua
  • 1.5 oz cream, infused with Froot Loops (for at least 6 hrs)
  • Handful of fresh Froot Loops
  • Garnish: maraschino cherry, if you’re fancy


1. Fill a short glass with ice.

2. Pour in the vodka, Kahlua, and Froot-Loops-infused cream. Give it a stir.

3. Top with Froot Loops. Garnish with cherry.

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