Golden Cadillac/Cadillac Float

Hello reader! It’s Thursday… Thirsty Thursday. And to celebrate, I have a drink for you!

I don’t know about you, but my liquor cabinet always ends up being full of strange bottles of liqueur that people leave at my house after parties. My group of friends enjoy having shots and shooters, so I always have a few half-full bottles of weird ingredients, like white crème de cacao or blue curaçao, jammed behind the vodka, gin, and bourbon.

Booze, and the vessels from which to drink the booze.

A word about shots versus shooters. I like to differentiate between the two drinks based on their dominant type of alcohol. Shooters, to me, are liqueur-based while shots are hard liquor-based. So, for example, a Slippery Nipple is a shooter and a Burt Reynolds is a shot. Now go look up those recipes online… they are yummy!

Burt Reynolds shots before half naked polar dips in Lake Muskoka… a rite of passage.

I love shots and shooters so much that some friends and I are actually part of a secret club… not that kind of secret club, you pervert! I mean, a little group for people who like shooters/shots. It’s more like a team, really. Anyway, our mascot for this team/club/group is a special shooter I can’t tell you about, but one of its ingredients is white crème de cacao. So I always have it in my cabinet. Anyway, I was going through all my liquor one day and noticed it back there and decided to make something with it.

I knew I wanted something creamy and sweet, so searched the internet for inspiration. And I came across a drink called Golden Cadillac. It called for equal parts (2/3oz each) white crème de cacao, Galliano, and cream. Interesting. So I made it. And holy cow, it was delightful. And dangerous. It tastes like a vanilla milkshake and goes down fast.

It’s a boozy vanilla milkshake in a fancy glass.
2/3oz of each ingredient makes one small drink. Too small. Drank this in one minute flat. Then made another.

But then I wondered how I could change it up and make it into something even better. I noticed there was an open can of root beer in my fridge; one of my lovely family members had decided it would be a great idea to crack it open, have one swig, and set it back on the shelf, perched precariously on the edge. Not wanting it to spill, and feeling very adventurous after two Golden Cadillacs, I decided to make a third one, but add some root beer to it.

Omg you guys.

And so the Cadillac Float was born. If the Golden Cadillac tastes like a vanilla milkshake, the Cadillac Float tastes like a boozy root beer float. The flavour reminds me of lazy summers on a beach, strolling down the boardwalk, waves crashing, kids laughing, seagulls squawking, feeling happy and buzzed, stumbling, getting chased by hornets, spilling my ice cream down my shirt… Sorry, went off on a tangent. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts…

…scary bugs chasing me while trying to enjoy ice cream is a story for another time. The drink conjures up summertime and sunshine. Trust me.

When it comes to the cream you use, the lighter the cream, the lighter the drink. You want this to be indulgent and rich, not watery and thin. So use 10% or higher fat content in your cream. Half & Half works great. Even 18% cream if you’re feeling frisky. Hell, try 35% cream if you’re feeling truly sexy. Why not? I say go for it!

This was a very frisky 18% cream kind of day. Happy, happy!

Oh and the recipe I’m sharing today makes a big drink. I don’t have the time nor the patience to make small drinks in small glasses. My martini glasses are huge! So whatever measure you use is fine, as long as all ingredients are equal. Start off with 1oz of each ingredient and see how it works for you.

Bigger is better.

Apparently the Golden Cadillac is a digestif, so have it as you would a dessert after your meal. If you have a couple before your meal, you’ll be smashed and full and asleep at 9pm.

Golden Cadillac/Cadillac Float


  • 1oz white crème de cacao
  • 1oz Galliano
  • 1oz cream
  • 1oz root beer (for the Cadillac Float)


1. Put some ice in your shaker.

2. Measure out your ingredients and pour them in the shaker.

3. Shake shake shake. Shake your bootay.

4. Strain into martini glass. Garnish with a sprinkle of cocoa if you’re feeling festive.

“Mmm perrrrrfection.” I was only slightly buzzed here.

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