Best Scrambled Eggs

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I’m not even joking. These are the best eggs ever.

Since our friends all live in different places, it’s not unusual for people to stay overnight when they come see us. We will usually stay up late, drinking and laughing, and I sometimes feel like making breakfast in the morning.

One such weekend, when our friend Scott came to see us, I offered to make breakfast. I said I’d make some scrambled eggs and bacon. He asked me if I had any creme fraiche; I said I didn’t. And he absolutely refused to eat my subpar scrambled eggs, claiming he was forever ruined by the perfection that was Gordon Ramsay’s scrambled eggs.

Ok. Don’t eat my eggs then.

So I looked up how to make these superior scrambled eggs. I went to the store and got the ingredients. And then I came home and set to work making myself “the best eggs ever”. My recipe is adapted for my own taste and skill level.

I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

These scrambled eggs are seriously to die for. They are the creamiest eggs I’ve ever eaten. You know how you sometimes make scrambled eggs and they are runny or wet? Or you sort of fry the edges a bit and they get crusty? Or they are a bit lumpy and hard? This recipe eliminates all these issues.

Ramsay’s scrambled eggs start off in a medium size pot, not a frying pan. I thought that was odd, but rolled with it. And he doesn’t season the eggs until the end of cooking, which I also thought was strange. I always put my seasonings in at the beginning. Apparently, you shouldn’t put salt in your eggs before cooking them because it breaks down the egg and makes it watery.

Eggs. Butter. Easy.

So it’s just eggs in a pot. Easy. And a “knob” of cold butter. Fine. You take your rubber spatula and you stir them constantly until the butter is melted and the eggs start to come together. Medium-high heat. Then, when the eggs are looking somewhat scrambled, you take the pot off the heat and stir. And back on the heat to cook them a bit more. And off the heat… You do this a few times so the eggs don’t get overcooked; the heat of the pot cooks them gently.

It’s slowly coming together.
The creme fraiche!

Now for the pièce de resistance!

When the eggs are scrambled up and pretty done, you add a bit of creme fraiche to stop them cooking. The creme fraiche makes the eggs taste buttery and gives them a creamy texture. I assure you, they are not at all wet or runny, but creamy and delightful.

Scrambled Eggs on buttered toast.

I made a piece of toast with butter on it and put my eggs on top. I seasoned them with some salt and pepper and fresh chives. And I ate this up in about 3 minutes flat. It was delish! And now I am forever ruined for any other scrambled eggs.

Best Scrambled Eggs


  • 3 eggs
  • 1 Tbsp butter
  • 1 tsp creme fraiche
  • Salt and pepper, to taste
  • fresh chives (optional)


1. In a medium size pot over medium-high heat, add the three eggs and the butter. Using a rubber spatula, stir the eggs constantly until they begin to look scrambled.

2. Take them off the heat and give them a good stir. This ensures they don’t cook too quickly or stick to the bottom of the pot. Put them back on the heat and continue stirring. Take them off a couple more times. Do this on and off thing until the eggs are scrambled.

3. Take the eggs off the heat. Stop them cooking by adding the creme fraiche. Stir it in. Let them rest a bit. Add salt and pepper. Serve on top of buttered toast and top them with fresh chives.

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